Winkworth paddle mixer Winkworth RT400 high speed paddle mixer

A503 Winkworth Paddle Mixer

400 litre Winworth RT400-103 high speed paddle blade mixer, serial no 17223. Working capacity 400 litres with 11 Kw IP55 SEW geared motor at 80 rpm. All stainless steel with bead blasted surfaces – internal and external. 316 grade stainless steel contact parts. One hinged, top central flat loading/access hatch 600 x 400 mm. Lid also fitted with a 1″ BSPF socket and smaller 200 mm dia safety inspection hatch. Two pneumatically operated flush fitting bomb door outlets 200 x 200 mm each. One 5.5 Kw refiner with multi-head blades at 2850 rpm. Extended height legs with safety gates for approx 750 mm clearance under the outlet. Complete with control panel.



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