Winkworth 50L Pacemix mixer.

K383 – Winkworth P50 Pacemix Mixer

Winkworth Pacemix mixer – to mix viscous pastes, slurries or heavy cream consistency masses.  Size 2000mm x 750mm x 1750mm – 150kgs.

50 litre working capacity (70 litres total).  Stainless steel bowl (455mm did x 45mm long).

Mixing arms – 2 contra rotating ‘claw’ type mixing arms independently powered by 2.2kW motors via reduction gear chain, giving approximately 100 rpm at the blades.

Discharge via 150 x 100mm bomb door with pneumatic operation.  Gridded inlet hopper 150mm diameter.  Full aperture counter balanced lid 460mm x 410mm.


CLEANED AND SERVICED.  Excludes starter.

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